What happens at a hearing test

Firstly, your Audiologist will start by going through your medical history to make sure she understands your hearing needs. Questions relating to your ear health, general health and listening needs will be asked. A teacher for example may struggle more based on their environment than someone who works in a quiet office all day. You may be an active pensioner who likes to get on the golf course and have a few drinks at the pub after. Alternatively you may be the person who prefers quieter activities. All of these factors will influence your treatment plan.

Once a case history has been performed, she will perform a test called Otoscopy, to check the health of your ear canal and eardrum and to make sure there is no obtrusive wax contributing to your hearing difficulties. Our Audiologist has advanced equipment and is also able to check the middle ear status by performing what it called Tympanometry. This will allow her to see how the middle ear is functioning. This will pick up ear infections and will tell her how the tiny little bones in your ear are responding to sound.

The next part of the test is to test your hearing levels. You will be asked to wear a set of headphones and each ear will be tested separately. You will hear different loudness levels as well as different pitches and be asked to press a button when the sounds are heard. Not everyone has the same hearing loss. Some people struggle with the lower pitches and some with the higher pitches. Some people have hypersensitivity to sounds. Speech discrimination testing will then be done. Your Audiologist will want to know what sounds in words you are struggling with, in order to select the best treatment option for you.

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5 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often sneaks up on you gradually so the signs are easy to miss. It may seem that everyone has simultaneously decided to start mumbling. Or you no longer hear the punch line of jokes. Or you miss important details in meetings. Or you start to avoid socializing or other activities that you like for fear of not being able to participate fully.

Ask yourself these questions. If several of them are true, you should probably get your hearing tested.

1. Do you hear people talking, but can’t understand what they are saying? To me this is the biggest giveaway. You hear the sounds, but can’t make out the meaning. You often need to ask people to repeat themselves. It is frustrating and can cause you to think people are mumbling. This may be most difficult in noisy environments or if multiple people are involved in the conversation.

2. Does your family complain the TV is too loud? This is often one of the biggest complaints by families of people with hearing loss. In my home, we always watch with the captions on, so we can have the volume at a comfortable level for all.

3. Do you avoid talking on the phone or socializing with others? This is the greatest risk of untreated hearing loss — social withdrawal and isolation. It can not only lead to depression, but cognitive problems like a higher risk of dementia.

4. Does it bother you when people cover their mouths when they speak? You might be lip-reading and not even know it. I always ask people to keep their mouths clear when speaking with me.

5. Does communication exhaust you? Listening tasks require far more effort for people with hearing loss. This extra concentration can leave you exhausted at the end of the day, particularly if it was a day filled with socializing or group meetings.

If you or someone you love has hearing loss, encourage them to get tested and seek out the help they need. The faster they accept and treat their hearing loss, the sooner they will be back in business, enjoying and thriving at life.

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Mcgreals Pharmacy brings award winning Hearing Care to Blessington, Co Wicklow

We are delighted to announce the official opening of McGreals Hearing Centre on Tuesday 16th February, the centre will be located in McGreals Pharmacy on Main Street, Blessington.

At Mcgreals Hearing Centre, we look forward to offering our customers award winning hearing aids and hearing care to the highest professional standards.

Our experienced and qualified Audiologist will present the most suitable hearing aid options and assist you in making the best choice based on your hearing assessment, communication needs and budget.

You may be eligible for a Government grant of up to €1000 off your Hearing Aids. As a registered panel member of the Department’s Treatment Benefit Scheme, we can complete all the necessary application forms and process this grant on your behalf

If you think you may benefit from a hearing test there is no better time to book one!