McGreals Nutrition


Tailored Plan
Just For You

We believe in simple, practical, and evidence-based nutrition. All our nutritional advice is tailored to your needs and will take into consideration your general health status, lifestyle, occupation, cooking ability, food likes/dislikes and health goals.



We offer in-person and online (video/phone) consultations. An initial consultation takes up to one hour. You will be asked about medical history, recent blood results, medications/supplements you are taking, your current diet and physical activity levels.

We will also do a body composition analysis. Based on this information you will be given a dietary plan that is individual and specific for you.

A follow-up consultation takes 30 minutes and focuses on maintaining and monitoring progress. 

Meet Our Nutritionist

Sinead obtained a BSc in Human Nutrition at University College Dublin.

She has a passion and interest in sport and exercise, and after completing her undergraduate degree she went on to obtain an PgCert in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Ulster University. She is a qualified Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrist. Sinead is currently finishing her MSc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics She has a certificate in Paediatric Allergy from Imperial College London and has completed level 1 Behaviour Change.

Sinead is passionate about working with individuals to achieve their goals, create a healthy relationship with food and improve their quality of life.