Weight Managment

The Programme Includes:

Weight Management

An initial consultation lasting 1 hour and 5 30-minute follow-up consultations. Appointments are usually scheduled 2 weeks apart. 

At your initial consultation you will be asked about your medical history, recent blood test results, medications/supplements you are taking, your current diet and physical activity levels. We will also do a body composition analysis. Based on this information you will be given a dietary plan that is individual and specific to you. 

Together we will set goals which will help you to lose weight and feel your best. Follow-up consultations focus on reviewing goals, maintaining, and monitoring progress.

Examples of topics discussed

 Eating well for weight loss

 Healthy snacking

 Meal planning

 Portion sizes

 Eating on the go

 Eating out

 Eating to improve your blood test results (if relevant)

 Physical activity

 Hydration

 Personal eating plan

 Mindful eating

 Emotional eating

 Reading food labels

 Maintaining weight loss and strategies to prevent weight re-gain