Novaerus Air Protection

NOVAERUS uses patented active purification technology to continuously pull contaminated indoor air across internal short-exposure plasma coils, deactivating airborne microorganisms and viruses at the DNA level

» Scientifically proven to kill airborne viruses

» Patented plasma technology

» Manufactured in Ireland

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Novaerus NV200

Designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in small indoor spaces. Can be wall-mounted or placed on any surface and plugs into any outlet.

  • Ultra-Portable
  • Perfect for Small Offices
  • Low Maintenance


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NV 800

Designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in medium indoor spaces. The unit can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand and plugs into any outlet.

Perfect for:

  • Examination Room
  • Classroom
  • Common Areas
NV 800 | Product Brochure

Defend 1050

Designed for rapid remediation in large spaces and situations with high-risk of infection. This free-standing unit can be wheeled easily to point of care and plugs into any outlet.

  • Fan Speed Control
  • Ideal for Large Rooms
  • Triple Stage Filter
Defend 1050 | Product Brochure Novaerus xl_Virus_Icon_GREY

Kills & Protects

Kills Airborne viruses with patented plasma technology to safely restore & maintain healthy air quality


Bacteria & Mould

Novaerus devices destroy airborne bacteria & mould spores effectively and is perfect for almost all home and business environments


Dust & Pollen

Novaerus plasma based air dis-infection devices work to reduce dust, pollen and pet dander

The Novaerus portable air dis-infection device cleans indoor air leaving you with healthy uncontaminated air.

Due to the small size of viruses, many clean air solutions, including standalone filtration units, are unable to trap viral particles.

This groundbreaking device uses a non-selective, rapid killing, patented plasma technology, which offers a unique, safe and scientifically proven solution to killing airborne viruses 24/7.

They have been independently tested in over 30 laboratories against MS2 Bacteriophage, a commonly used surrogate for SARS-CoV (Coronavirus), and were shown to reduce the virus by 99.99%.

We supply businesses and homes with the NV200, NV800 and Defend 1050 models.

NV 200

NV 200 Portable Air Dis-infection Device

The NV 200 is suitable for smaller shared office spaces or individual rooms in a house. It can be placed on a countertop, stand-alone or mounted on a wall. It processes 80 m3/hr (cubic metres of air an hour).

Price: €1,500 plus VAT

Tech Spec

NV 800

NV 800 Portable Air Dis-infection Device

This wall-mounted unit is ideal for large rooms or larger shared spaces including offices or classrooms. It processes 260 m3/hr (cubic metres of air an hour). Download the spec sheet below.

Price: €2,500 plus VAT

Tech Spec

Defend 1050

Defend 1050 Air Dis-infection Device

Designed for rapid remediation in large spaces and situations with a high risk of infection. It is a free-standing unit which can be easily wheeled to any plug outlet. It processes 906 m3/hr (cubic metres of air an hour).

Price: €12,000 plus VAT

Tech Spec

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can it be used? Expand

Novaerus portable units are highly effective in any situation with an ongoing need to safely reduce pathogens, mitigate odours, and neutralise environmental contaminants in indoor air.

How effective is the technology? Expand

Novaerus technology has been shown to safely and effectively reduce bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and particulate matter in dozens of independent laboratory tests. In case studies and clinical trials, our products have been demonstrated to reduce infections and improve wellbeing in real-world settings.

Plasma Filtration? Is it safe for everyone? Expand

Novaerus plasma is powerful, yet gentle. With no harmful byproducts, it is safe for use around children, the elderly, and the sick. Novaerus portable units are simple to use, low-maintenance and highly effective for rapid or continuous infection control, odour mitigation, and particle reduction.

Evidence supported by data:

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