Mother and Baby Event

We here at McGreals Pharmacy have just finished up running our Mother and Baby Events. They were an incredible success with over twenty mothers, mothers-to-be and little toddlers in attendance across all our shops.


There were plenty of guest speakers ranging from Midwives, Lactation consultants to Skincare professionals. Hands on demonstrations and plenty of advice were the order of the day.


Tea, Coffee and cakes were given out and everyone in attendance were given a free goodie bag containing baby items such as toothbrushes, nappies, wipes and bibs. At the end of each event there was a raffle which the prize was a hamper of baby goodies.

Make up Class

Overall it was a great success and we were delighted to be able to make an event where mothers and mothers-to-be could come looking for advice from experts and to socialize with their fellow peers.