Kilian McGreal accepting Peoples Pharmacist of the Year award 2017

Kilian McGreal followed in his father’s and grandfathers foot steps in working in the family pharmacy in Blessington Co Wicklow.

Kilian has been delighted to have been involved in the development of McGreals Pharmacy over the last 15 years and has taken the business from one thriving pharmacy in the heart of Blessington to 8 new McGreals Pharmacy openings across Leinster.

He recently completed the development of a state of the art Primary Care Centre in Blessington Co WIcklow. Kilian is very involved in various community initiatives and the sponsorship of local clubs and societies.

Kilian has been known to open his doors after closing hours to accommodate those in need. His staff have also been described as being extremely helpful and are held in high regard locally.

“It is such an honour but also a reflection on the great team that work beside me.”
Kilian McGreal

McGreals Pharmacy People’s Pharmacist of the Year

Kilian McGreal Peoples Pharmacist of the Year