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Sinead O'Donovan is our Clinical Nutritionist. She is a Registered Associated Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition.

Your video consultation is available via smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Simply click the button below and pick an available slot.

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Our Nutritionist

Sinead O'Donovan

Sinead is a Registered Associated Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition. Born in Wicklow, Sinead graduated from University College Dublin with a BSc degree in Human Nutrition.

As part of her undergraduate degree Sinead completed research on “Cows’ Milk Protein Allergy in Infants” and “The Intakes of Artificial Sweeteners in Irish School Children”.

Sinead has an interest in sport and is studying an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Ulster University.  She has a certificate in Paediatric Allergy from Imperial College London and has completed level 1 behaviour change training.

Through dietary and lifestyle management, Sinead’s key focus is preventative healthcare. She is passionate about helping people achieve a healthier body and lifestyle to reduce illness and live life to the fullest.

Sinead is very community orientated and is play an active role to help shape a positive culture of health and wellbeing in your community.

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Courses Available

Select one-to-one sessions or even Corporate group Talks. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

One-to-One Consultation

Perhaps you have been feeling tired, run down or have been struggling trying to implement new healthy eating habits. Our Nutritionist can provide advice and guidance to help you achieve your goals and become the healthiest version of you.

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Do you want to learn how to eat healthily and manage your weight? Have you been
previously caught in a cycle of yo-yo dieting? We have a programme for you. Our Nutrition Sinead will tailor a plan to suit with your lifestyle and life goals.

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Nutrition Talks

The benefits of investing in employee’s health and wellbeing is recognised now more than ever before. Good nutrition leads to increased energy levels, improved mood, increased productivity and overall healthier lives.

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One-to-One | The Process

Consultation Process

Once you've booked a consultation you will be sent some forms to complete: Lifestyle, diet and exercise

First Step: 45 Minute One-to-One

Individual consultations typically last 45 minutes to one hour and include dietary assessment and body composition analysis. Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to complete a food diary and lifestyle questionnaire.

Tailored Plan Designed for you

Nutrition advice will be tailored to you and will take into consideration your lifestyle, occupation, general health, and goals. We believe in simple, practical, and evidence-based nutrition.

Optional 15 Minute follow up

You can avail of a 15 minute follow up consultation with your nutritionist to answer any questions or queries you may have.


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