Eye Test

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We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care and attention. We offer a range of services from Drivers license reports, Children’s eye test, Contact lense trials, Glasses repairs and a full eye test and eye health screening with a fully qualified optician.

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It is recommended that adults have an eye test every two years.

An eye test is more than checking your vision, it’s an overall eye health check. Eyes can be affected by a number of conditions which may be picked up early through an eye test, giving it less chance of affecting your vision. Your eyes can even indicate signs of general health problems.

What Happens In An Eye Exam

Our optician will have a chat with you first. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your eyes, vision or current glasses, and whether you’re experiencing any symptoms which might need further investigation. The optometrist will ask about your general health, medications, any past treatment on your eyes, or if there are any family members with eye conditions. All this information helps the optometrist to tailor the examination to best suit your needs.

The Test

There are a few types of tests and equipment developed to assess different aspects of our eyes and vision. Some are common to all eye tests – for example, the letter chart indicates how clearly you can see, or a light shone into the eye allows a good view of the eye’s structure. Some of the common tests, like the visual field test and the eye pressure test (puff of air test),can be performed also.

Results and Summary 

Our Optician will discuss your eye test results with you. If you need any referrals our optician will offer this service also.