Eye Health

Getting checked for glasses by an optician could make life so much easier.

If you have any of these symptoms – it’s time to get an eye test.

Unexplained Headaches

Ever get headaches after doing close-up work such as reading or working at a computer?
How about after periods of distance vision, like watching TV or driving?
If the answer’s yes, you need to book an appointment with the optician – glasses could really help.


Blurred Vision

If your vision ever changes or distorts, you should contact us immediately for an eye examination.
Test yourself by regularly looking at something you see every day, such as a book or a number plate, to check whether you can still read it. Try doing this one eye at a time for a more thorough test.


Wavy Vision

When you look at straight lines such as door or window frames and see them as wavy or kinked, there’s a chance you’re experiencing age-related macular degeneration.
Our eye examination will screen and test for this disease.


Tired Eyes And Difficulty Focusing

We all experience tired eyes as a symptom of everyday fatigue, but when it’s a persistent problem that occurs after common activities like driving and reading, it’s well worth getting your eyes tested by an optician.


Painful Or Red Eyes

Healthy eyes shouldn’t hurt or appear red; if they do, there’s a chance you’ve got an eye condition that needs to be seen by an optician.

Blurred or misty vision is another common vision-related ailment that you should get checked out professionally. These symptoms could be an early sign of cataracts, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration, which our opticians can help you with.


Book your eye test today at your local McGreals Opticians or online here.