Children’s Eye Health

Here at McGreals Opticians your child’s eye health is important to us so we will take the time to explain every step of the process. 

It’s easy for poor eyesight to go unnoticed in children, as they often don’t report it themselves. In fact, they probably don’t even realise anything is wrong. That’s why it’s important to make sure you book them in for a routine eye test every year, or more often if their optician advises.

It is important to look out for these watch points in between.

They’re Getting Close Up

If your child chooses to sit right up in front of the TV, it may not just be a sign that they’re engrossed in their favourite show. It could be that they can’t see the screen clearly from the sofa, so you should book an appointment to have their sight tested.

Things To Watch For

  1. Excessive blinking.
  2. Closing one eye when looking at things.
  3. Turning or tilting their head when looking at things.

A screening with one of our Opticians will determine if it is an eye problem or not.