Child Vaccination for schools

What is flu?

Flu is a common viral infection that’s easily spread to other people through coughs and sneezes.

Flu symptoms include:

• Fever

• Headache

• Sore throat

• Aching body

Viruses that cause flu are most common during the winter months. Children who are sick with flu often miss days in crèche, childcare and school. They also miss out on their usual activities, including hobbies and sports.

Whilst most children who get the flu will have mild symptoms, some children can get complications such as pneumonia or bronchitis and may need hospital treatment. In rarer cases, children may die from complications of flu.


Who is recommended to receive the child nasal flu vaccine?

The nasal vaccine is recommended for all children aged 2 to 12 years of age, and those in an at-risk group aged 13 to 17 years at the time of their appointment, except those who fall into the following categories:

• They’ve had a severe allergic reaction to a previous dose of the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients

• They have severe asthma (or have been wheezy or needed their inhaler more than usual in the three days before the vaccination)

• They are taking medicines called salicylates, which include aspirin

• They have a severely weakened immune system because of certain medical conditions or treatments

• They are living with someone who has a severely weakened immune system, for example, a person who recently had a bone marrow transplant

Some children who may not be eligible for the nasal flu vaccine may be able to receive the flu vaccine as an injection. You can contact Bart our Pharmacist for more information on

In some cases, your child’s nasal vaccination may need to be delayed in order to ensure it’s as effective as possible. Our pharmacist will recommend it be delayed in the following circumstances:

• If your child is unwell and has a high temperature

• If your child has a very blocked or runny nose


How is the vaccine given?

One of our specially trained Pharmacists will administer the vaccine as a single spray in each nostril of your child’s nose. Don’t worry, your child can breathe normally while they’re getting the vaccine.

Most children need only one dose of the vaccine each year. Some children aged two to eight years of age with a chronic health condition may need two doses. The doses are given four weeks apart if they’ve never had a flu vaccine. You can contact Bart our Pharmacist for more information on


Are there any side effects to the nasal flu vaccine?

The children’s flu vaccination has been given to children in the US since 2003 and in the UK since 2013, with millions of children having been vaccinated safely. It’s generally well tolerated and there’s no evidence that you can catch the flu from the vaccine.

Children’s flu vaccination side effects are generally mild and include the following:

• A runny or blocked nose

• Headache

• Muscle aches

• Fever

Serious side effects, such as a severe allergic reaction, are rare.


How long will it take?

It takes approximately 10 minutes to administer.

Your teacher will stay with your child for 15 minutes after the vaccination, just in case they have any immediate side effects.


Where can I find more information?

Visit the HSE website for more information about the nasal flu vaccine for children.

View the Patient Information Leaflet.

View the summary of product characteristics.

Flu Vaccination for Schools

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