Be Back to School Ready

It’s August now and that means one thing if you are a parent….Back to School. August is the time for buying books, bags, uniforms and all other sorts of miscellaneous items. To make things a slight bit easier for all parents out there McGreals have put together a list of tips to help you through being back to school ready.


Sleep is incredibly important for the development of your child’s mental abilities. By helping to increase concentration and learning skills a good night’s sleep allows your child to be at their best during a long school day.


School lunches play a big part in your child’s dietary needs. It is important that these lunches are healthy and nutritious. It’s important to make sure the lunchbox your child takes to school provides as healthy and balanced a lunch as what they would eat at home.

This means plenty of foods that contain the nutrients that children need, and fewer foods high in sugar and saturated fat. Vitamins and Omega 3 are vital to keeping your child focused and healthy.



The part of school that we all once dreaded. Homework is given out for a reason though; it’s to help your child to continue to learn outside the classroom and to help reinforce what they learned during the day. Homework can be tough and boring for a child so it is critical that you are there to give a helping hand and some encouragement as well.
Check over their work to make sure that they are staying on task and are completing all their assignments. Checking their work gives the added benefit of correcting any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors the child may have made.


Hygiene plays a big role in your child’s health. Bathing and showering are an absolute must as is your child’s dental hygiene. It is critical that they understand the importance of brushing their teeth and looking after their gums. They may have been already doing so but with the rush to get ready for school in the morning may lead to the child neglecting their teeth.

It is good to put a little extra time and care into seeing that your child is brushing their teeth properly and effectively in the morning before school and the evening before going to bed.


School time is also a prime time for head lice so it is important that you check your child’s head regularly and thoroughly to ensure that they have not picked up head lice. If they have there are different cream and hairsprays that can help with this problem effectively.


It is important to encourage your child to do the best they can do at school. This helps to build their confidence and self-esteem. Celebrate positive achievements, no matter how small, and reward your child for good grades and behaviour.


Have your child organise and set out what they need the night before (homework and books should be put in their schoolbags by the door and their uniforms should be laid out in their bedrooms.) This can also tie into encouragement and rewards. Encourage your child to be organised and then reward them when they are.

School time can be tough for child and parent alike but hopefully these tips might make things a slight bit easier.