SmileLife. The FAQs.

How long is the treatment?

Every case is different, however, our average is less than 6 months. Some cases can be shorter, and some can be longer. However, you will actually see how long your treatment is going to be on your treatment plan so get started today!

What happens if my teeth don't straighten?

We have a Smile Guarantee.
Clear aligners is a medical product and custom made to each customer... so... they work! We have the most advanced technology and dental team behind the company. 

How long is a 3D scan?

30 minutes max. Sometimes if you have a lot of questions and want to get started faster
we can accommodate this but we try to be as efficient as possible with your valuable

Can I pay with a payment plan?

Yes. We have an 3 pay and 6 pay payment plan starting at €250/month and this requires a €250 deposit to start. Every 30 days the payment gets auto billed to the card. Easy.

What if I'm not suitable?

Find out if you qualify first through the Smile Quiz. Following this, if you are not suitable for the Aligners Treatment you will be refunded 100% of payments! ZERO risk for you to start the process.

Simple Step Guide to SmileLife

Lets Begin!

It is recommended that the user reads through the process a few times in order to familiarise themselves with the process. Doing so will maximize the benefits of producing a quality impression and in turn, a quality alignment for the best results. Additionally, please go to the easy to follow video tutorial before commencing with the process found at

Please check out the easy-to-follow video tutorial step

Book a FREE Impression Kit Video consultation

Set up your SmileLife App using your app account

Once registered, please fill out the medical form here

Please note: The dentists will not be able to start your Smile until the form is read and signed.

Log into SmileLife app here


Use the QR code and follow the detailed Instructions to help you upload your perfect 7 photos.

What you need

  • Smile Stretcher
  • Brightly lit area and/or Selfie Light
  • Your Smile

We need to see your current teeth and smile. Use your smile stretcher from your kit to simply slip into your mouth and move your lips away from your teeth so you can take the 7 photos we need.

1. Wash – Ensure your teeth are clean and fresh.

2.Gloves – Wash your hands and put on the gloves provided.

3. Timer – Grab your phone and get the 3 minute countdown timer ready.

4. Towel – You might drool when you take your impressions out, so have a towel.

5. Trays – Do not worry about covering your wisdom teeth in the tray.

6. Putty – Mix one blue with one white, until solid blue colour.

Getting started is simple!
Each Impression takes about 3 minutes to complete.
If you have decided not to book a FREE impression kit video consultation
Please follow these guidelines.
Start by making your first upper impression. To make sure you are on the
right track, please upload it to our impression check service.

1. Mix – Put on your gloves, grab both blue and white putties and mix them together until they are one solid blue colour. Once you start mixing them, you need to work quickly.

2. Roll – Roll the blended putty between your hands to create a uniform sausage that is 4 inches long.

3. Place – Place the putty into the tray, filling the entire U-shape all the way to the back. Do not apply pressure or push the putty in.

4. Let’s get going – As soon as you have the putty ready and in the shape of a curved sausage, inspect it quickly, then push your front teeth into the middle of the impression sausage gently. Hold it with your thumbs for 3 minutes and use your timer to keep track of this. Each Impression must fully capture both your teeth and gums.

5. Repeat – Now you’ll repeat the process on your lower teeth. You will want to use the Impression check service by uploading your first two impressions.

Your smile helper will check your impressions attempts before you proceed with your second set.

Brilliant! You’re finished with the most difficult part!

1. Pack up your impressions and pop your best upper and lower attempt into the labelled slots provided in your kit.

2. Label the Kit with your case number and details

3. Using your SmileLife App, scan your unique QR code found on your impression kit to register the kit to your case.

4. Please scan the QR code here or search to send back your impressions using your free return shipping.

5. Double check to make sure you have completed the Smile Checklist.

We are excited to Get Your Smile On!


• Please read the following information carefully before proceeding with the Impression kit process.

• The impression kit process is not recommended for children under 12 years of age

• Do not leave the contents of the container in front of children lest they consider the base and catalyst as a playdough.

• Do not mix the contents of the container in front of children lest they consider the base and catalyst as a playdough.

• Should a large portion of the putty be ingested, please seek medical assistance.

• Children under the age of 18 years old must have a parent or guardian sign the medical form which can be found.