Vichy Neovadiol GF – Lip & Eye Contour Care 15ml


Vichy Neovadiol GF – Lip & Eye Contour Care 15ml

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    For women experiencing a loss of skin firmness and definition around the eye and lip contour.

    Neovadiol Gf Contours is our 1st skincare product adapted to women during menopause. It is especially designed for the eye and lip contours, which can be affected by menopausal skin ageing.

    This product is enriched with Proteic Gf and Proxylane, and aims to reinforce the skin structure and plump it with moisture.

    The texture of the product, enriched with shea butter and beeswax, melts into the skin, leaving a non-sticky finish. Featuring an innovative cooling applicator, which soothes the lip and eye contours.


    Dry Skin

    Dry Tight Skin


    Vichy Expert Ageing

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