Stress Check Hand Shield 50ml


A 70% Alcohol, purifying anti-bacterial hand spray with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid for instant protection, plus 100% natural, pure essential oils of Lavender, Neroli and Patchouli to help you stay calm and confident as you go about your day.

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    WHEN: Purify and hydrate hands without the need to rinse in between washes with this instantly sanitising, non-sticky hand spray that is fast-drying, kind to hands and calming to the senses. Can also be sprayed on hard surfaces to clean and kill bacteria and many viruses.
    HOW: With 70% Alcohol, this sanitising hand spray kills bacteria and many viruses on contact. Great for overwashed dry hands – hydrating ingredient Hyaluronic Acid helps protect the skin’s lipid barrier, leaving skin feeling nourished and smooth. The 100% natural fragrance of Lavender, Neroli and Patchouli helps keep the stress response in check – soothing nerves and anxieties as you spray it on and massage into your hands.
    WHY: Hygiene and wellness worries mean we’re washing our hands more than ever.
    Our purifying hand shield is the perfect partner whilst you’re on-the-go but isn’t just for hands, it can also be sprayed over phone screens, door handles, desk surfaces and light switches to instantly sanitise them.


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