La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight Care 40ml


La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight Care 40ml

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    Toleriane Ultra Overnight Care is
    specifically designed to give sensitive skin all the extra help it needs overnight.
    Proven to soothe, hydrate and reduce skin sensitivity night after night. Upon waking, skin looks rested, soothed and free from discomfort.

    How It Works
    It helps the skin improve its natural barrier properties, so skin is stronger and more able to defend itself against irritation, reactivity and sensitivity. Enriched with neurosensine, niacinimide, carnosine and vitamin A, plus soothing Thermal Spring Water.

    Upon waking, skin looks calmed, relieved, and free from discomfort.
    Skin becomes less sensitive night after night with regular use.
    Upon application, skin feels immediately relieved, soothed and hydrated.
    Reduces tightness and the appearance of redness.

    Who is it for
    Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, and proven to work on even the most hyper-sensitive, allergy-prone skin.

    Looking for skincare that’s specifically designed for sensitive skin? Don’t settle for a product that’s just ‘suitable’ for sensitive skin, try Toleriane from La Roche-Posay: clinically proven to make skin less sensitive.


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