Guinot Hydra Summum Serum 30ml

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HYDRA SUMMUM Serum is ideal for women who wish to rapidly recover the beauty of youthful-looking skin through moisture replenishment as well as those with occasionally dehydrated skin.
It can be used as a complementary treatment to any other skincare cream.

Rapidly restores optimal moisture levels to the skin.
The skin is comfortable, plump, smooth and radiant.

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    Hydralogic Complex (high concentration in Hyaluronic Acid and Aquasilanol):
    – Forms an anti-evaporation barrier: reinforces the structure of the skin barrier to limit moisture loss and reach an optimal level of moisturisation. “Plumps up” dehydration lines.
    – Retains moisture in the skin: helps recover the capabilities of young skin to retain moisture by stimulating the synthesis of “water reservoir” molecules.
    – Infuses skin with moisture: stimulates hydration and improves moisture diffusion throughout the skin by stimulating the synthesis of Aquaporins. These proteins form an intercellular channel to facilitate moisture flow.

    – Suitable for all skin types

    To use: Apply morning and/or evening to the face after cleansing thoroughly, as a treatment course before the moisturiser.


    Firmness Skin Care


    Radiance Skin Care

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