Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test – 10 Tests


Clearblue® Advanced Digital Ovulation Test works differently to other ovulation tests as it is designed to detect 2 hormones, estrogen and LH. When it detects a rise in your level of estrogen it displays High Fertility  and will continue to display High Fertility in the following days whilst it looks for your LH surge. When your LH surge is detected, the test displays Peak Fertility.

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    The Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test helps you to identify the 2 fertile days in your cycle. This is done by indicating a sudden surge in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your body with a simple urine test. LH is the hormone that triggers the release of an egg from your ovary, which is also known as ovulation and generally occurs 24 to 36 hours after the LH increase.


    How to use – 


    • Always test using the first urine after your longest sleep.
    • You need to know your usual cycle length before you start to ensure you test at the right time to find your high and peak fertile days.
    • The day your period starts (first day of full bleeding) is Day 1. Your cycle length is the total number of days from Day 1 up to and including the day before your next period starts.


    • Remove a test stick from its foil wrapper.
    • Remove the cap from the test stick.
    • Align the purple arrow on the ovulation test stick with the arrow on the test holder.
    • Insert the test stick until it clicks into place.
    • The ovulation test will switch on after you have inserted the test stick correctly.
    • Wait for the ‘test ready’ symbol to appear and test immediately.


    • Place the absorbent tip pointing downwards in your urine stream for 3 seconds.
    • Or collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry container. Dip the sampler in the urine for 15 seconds.
    • The ‘test ready’ symbol will start flashing after a minute to show the test is working.


    • Within 1 minute you will see that the test is working as the test ready symbol will start to flash.
    • Wait for 5 minutes- Keep the sampler pointing downwards or lay the test flat.
    • Throughout testing never hold the test with the absorbent tip pointing upwards.


    Low Fertility – a clear circle

    • A clear circle indicates low fertility. Having intercourse today is just for fun as it is unlikely, but not impossible, that you will become pregnant. Your result will be displayed for 8 minutes.
    • Do not test again today. Test again tomorrow using the first urine after your longest sleep

    High Fertility – a flashing smiley face

    Peak Fertility – A static smiley face is constantly displayed for 48 hours after it first appears


    • All ClearBlue tests contain a small desiccant tablet which is included to absorb moisture and should not be eaten.
    • If accidentally ingested please seek medical advice.


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