Breakout Clear Start Foaming Wash 177ml


Breakout Clearing Foam Wash 177ml

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    Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Foaming Wash helps to clear away dead skin cells and remove any excess of dirt and oils that clog the pores and cause a breakout.

    This foaming wash can be used on your face, neck and back or wherever the skin and pores require a deep cleaning and unclogging.

    This foaming wash contains salicylic acid, that helps to dig deep into pores and clear away dead skin cells and wipe away excess of oil to help prevent future breakouts.

    it is recommended to use this foaming wash in the morning and evening by lathering up a small amount of product on damp hands, and rub over the face, neck and chest.

    Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat the skin dry.




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