Bedtime Bliss set

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A peaceful duo with Camomile, Lavender and Vetivert to help sooth you off to sleep.

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    WHEN: As part of your pre-sleep routine, massage deep sleep body cocoon into skin to nourish and leave the it lightly fragranced. Once dressed for bed, lightly spritz deep sleep pillow spray across your pillow and duvet to help you fall asleep faster.

    HOW: The Deep Sleep Superblend is award-winning for a reason – it really works. A 99% natural blend of Lavender, Camomile and Vetivert it’s proven to help you drift off faster.

    Deep sleep body cocoon also contains skin-loving ingredients Shea Butter, Crambe and Camelia oil to moisturise.

    WHY: For the nights you need a little natural help to get some rest.

    DSPS: Spray onto your pillow or bed cover before your go to sleep. Use to promote rest and relaxation. DSBC: Massage nightly into hands and body and breathe in deeply.


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