Hearing Test

We will ask you some questions about why you are here, your ear health history, what medications you are taking and what hearing difficulties you are having.

In our Blessington Clinic we are fully equiped with our top of the range testing booth.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are probably the most well-known treatment for hearing loss. They are usually recommended for people with a sensori-neural hearing loss or for hearing loss that cannot be treated surgically. A sensorineural hearing loss is due to damage of small hair cells in our hearing organ called the Cochlea. Exposure to loud levels of noise over time, ototoxic medications and the general aging process can all contribute to this.

There are many different types depending on your budget and needs, but all hearing aids include a microphone to pick up sounds, an amplifier to increase the volume of sounds received and speakers to let you hear the amplified sounds.

At Mcgreals, we are not tied into one specific manufacturer. This means that a hearing aid is chosen based on what is best for you as the client. Hearing aids we fit include the following brands:

– Unitron

– Sivantos

– Phonak

Hearing aids range in features and come in various styles, the most common being behind the ear and In- the ear. Based on your hearing loss, budget and your needs as an individual, options are discussed and decided on jointly with you as an active participant.

Additional wireless accessories include TV connectors, Partner Microphones and handheld remote controls all allowing ease of use and improved listening experiences.

Trial hearing aids

Based on the test results and the requirements of the client, a trial of hearing aids can be arranged for the following week. This will give the client an opportunity to wear a pair of hearing aids and to experience first hand what it is like to wear them and also to determine the benefit of the enhanced sound.

After a week the client will be brought back to discuss how the week went and to see what changes may need to be made to help improve both the fit and the sound quality of the hearing aids. The client is then asked to return again the following week for a further discussion and assessment on the performance of the hearing aids. This process may go on for another week or two.

Purchasing Hearing Aids

After the trial period, if the client wishes to proceed with the purchase of hearing aids a full breakdown of the cost of a number of options will be provided. This cost will include all aftercare and follow ups for the lifetime of the hearing aids.


The aftercare of the hearing aids which includes adjustments, cleaning, maintenance and hearing checks, can be arranged at any time. There is a two year guarantee with the hearing aids, this can be extended to four years on request.